Lia Como - Actor


Stories from the Attic is a vibrant, young theatre company in the heart of Vancouver, Canada. Our mandate is to promote the craft of physical theatre and mask, specifically in the area of Commedia dell'Arte to our community. Prior to settling in Vancouver, Stories from the Attic led a highly successful collaboration with the Toronto Waldorf School. Students were led through a variety of workshops, culminating with a final public performance at the Just Desserts theatre night hosted by the Waldorf drama students. While in China, Stories from the Attic held several popular workshops on Commedia dell'Arte at the Fringe Shanghai festival. We hope to continue to share our passion for the craft at future theatre festivals.







Starring Lia Como and Nigel Smith
Guest Directed by Josh Hallem
Written and Produced by Lia Como

2008 Adelaide Fringe Festival
February 26, 27, 28, 29, March 1, 4, 5 @ 8pm
and March 2 @ 2pm
Venue: South Australian German Association (Main Hall)
223 Flinders Street, Adelaide, Australia

'Tombola!' is an invigorating tour de force of Commedia dell' Arte virtuosity by the 2 Crazy Canadians: 2 actors and 7 masks unveil a tale about an Old Man and his game of chance with love, money and war before time ticks away...forever!

Starring Lia Como and Nigel Smith
Created by Lia Como and Jimmy Hogg
Produced by Lia Como

2007 Vancouver International Fringe Festival
September 9, 10, 11, 12 & 16
Show time: 8pm Venue: The Beaumont Studios
316 West 5th Avenue (and Alberta), Vancouver, Canada

Guy likes girl. Guy loses girl. Guy poisons girl. Your typical love story? Think again. It's a wild case of Commedia dell'Arte: 2 servants fall hopelessly in love with each other as they prepare for their masters' wedding. A traditional Italian form of physical theatre, Grummelot's crazy tale is told by 2 actors with 6 characters and 4 masks.

2007 Italian Cultural Centre Annual Carnival
February 16
Show time: 7:30pm
Venue: Italian Cultural Centre Society
3075 Slocan Street, Vancouver, Canada


2006 Shanghai Fringe
November 11 & 12
Show time: 4:30pm Venue: Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre
288 Anfu Road, Shanghai, China

As part of the 'Canada in Focus Program', we will also be conducting 2 workshops on "Literary Comedy of Italy" on November 11 ∓ 12 at 7:30pm 9:00pm in Room 5/F in the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre.


2005 Toronto Fringe Festival
July 6 @ 8:15pm, July 9 @ 1:45pm, July 10 @ 9:45pm, July 13 @ 12:00pm, July 14 @ 6:15pm, July 16 @ 7:00pm, July 17 @ 3:30pm
Venue: Royal St. George's Theatre
120 Howland Avenue, Toronto, Canada

World Premiere!

Como and Smith's re-imagining of the genre doesn't simply revel in its potential goofiness; it covers the class structures underneath, which were once played for mean-spirted laughs, but now form the dark, satirical undercurrents that drive the surface slapstick.
David Balzer, Eye Opener, Toronto.